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Renewable Habitats Ltd. is a start-up focused on renewable energy concepts and available technology. Bringing our knowledge and experience to bear in important key technologies such as engineering, sustainable energy and information communications technologies; we assist our clients in translating their green ideas into action, helping them to make their projects a success by using renewable technologies for sustainable development.

Company Brochure

Get in touch with us if you want to
measure the CO2 ‘footprint’ of your lifestyle, your business or your journey.

Our objectives in the renewable energies sector for Malta are to:
 increase the knowledge of the need for sustainable development ;

  develop an intelligent energy use awareness;

  reduce energy requirements through local initiatives;

  participate or manage collaborative projects with distributed resources, which cover innovative issues related to renewables through transnational cooperation or directed towards capacity building for R&D and policy. reduction of energy wastes;

  maximise the benefits arising from EU Community initiatives and Programmes for manufacturing and service industries,  local authorities, development agencies, community groups and all other relevant players in the Region.
Our Partners
HelioDynamics develops and manufactures the most advanced and versatile solar energy technologies, maximising energy efficiency and economic benefit.

PiM provides assistance and clustering structures, promoting transnational cooperation and networking.

Engineria's mission is to help its customers gain competitive advantage through flexible automation, vision systems and project management.                                        

Pure is a UK-based charity with the objective of improving air quality by providing cost-effective emissions trading.
Our Latest Projects
Facilitating Innovation in RES
(FIRE: 023428)
Fire aims to facilitate and foster the participation of SMEs from the Renewable Energy sector (RES) in relevant calls in the remainder of FP6 and the future framework which will be established for the period 2006-2010.  boq http://www.firessa.eu

Latest News
We have established an installation and maintenance agreement with HelioDynamics, based in Cambridge, UK.
HD has produced the first commercial solar CHP (combined heat & power) system, the HD7.c, as well as the only low-cost medium temperature heat generator, HD7.t.

We support the following efforts:

Tree 4 U Campaign