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Renewable Habitats supports the clustering of local and international players to create knowledge-intensive, multi-stakeholder partnerships possessing the critical mass needed to achieve excellence; and strives to overcome the existing high fragmentation of resources through clustering. 
The cluster's combined expertise and knowledge base provides a highly-effective and focused model for the delivery of consulting services and project management in the Renewable energy sector.
Projects at Renewable Habitats
1 Facilitating Innovation in Renewable Energies FIRE: 023428
6th Framework Programme
The overall strategic aim of this proposal, in keeping with EU FP6 policy which attaches significant importance to the participation of SMEs in EU R&D projects, is to facilitate and foster the participation of SMEs from the Renewable Energy sector (RES) in relevant calls in the remainder of FP6 and the future framework which will be established for the period 2006-2010 (FP7).  http://www.firessa.eu

1Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA)
Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme
Projects in Motion Ltd. helped source funding for the establishment of the The Kyoto Protocol represents the first pillar of an international strategy to achieve the objective of a progressive.  The Malta Energy Management Agency intends to be a protagonist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, in order to fight climatic changes caused by the quick rise in the earth’s temperature, promoting awareness initiatives and contributing to define incisive and targeted proposals and policies of intervention, thus aiming to optimize the use of conventional energy resources and to develop renewable sources on the island. http://www.miema.org
Our local projects
Due to our clients' confidentiality agreements, we are as yet unable to showcase these local projects.

EU Programmes we are active in:
Intelligent Energy Programme 2007-2013 funded under the CIP programme. Fire
The Energy theme within the 7th Research Framework Programme.

We support the following efforts:

Tree 4 U Campaign